Kaytie Boyd

If you’re a regular TV watcher, you’ve undoubtedly come across numerous weight loss and gym based reality shows, each with it’s own unique spin on fitness. Some are about dropping incredible amounts of weight a la’ The Biggest Loser, others focus on the gym owners romantic relationships, and some are about brides looking to get fit before the big day.

And now we have Wicked Fit on the Style Network to add to the mix. But this training show has a totally different spin. Kaytie Boyd is a former beauty pageant queen, who has opened a women’s only boutique gym – called Miss Fit Club, pink dumbbells and all – in the Boston area. Kaytie’s gym caters to women looking to be pageant ready and she calls on her years of experience in the pageant world to help train and coach the girls. Since launching Miss Fit Club, she’s been quite the success story – and garnered plenty of attention – and now of course, Kaytie has her own show!

But there’s just one problem as one of my Angry Trainer Fitness readers (thanks Dana), recently pointed out to me. Kaytie doesn’t really look all that fit.

Let’s be clear Ms. Boyd isn’t obese by any stretch, but she definitely doesn’t have a typical celebrity trainer’s physique. Her body appears soft and when viewing her past pageant pictures, it’s clear she doesn’t look quite as in shape as she once was. I say “look” because it’s certainly possible to not have an ultra fit look but actually be fit, and vice versa. So does this mean Kaytie’s a poor trainer, or doesn’t know what she’s doing?

Ironically I was watching an NFL game this past Sunday and couldn’t help notice how both team’s head coaches were clearly way overweight. Truthfully these guys could barely walk, let alone run, down a field. But despite this fact, these men had the knowledge to coach teams to success, because they knew the game so well. Now truthfully not every trainer is going to be walking around with single digit body fat levels. But I think it is important that a trainer leads a healthy, active lifestyle.

You could argue that if a fitness professional can’t discipline themselves and regulate their own bodyweight, how can they possibly try to instill these and other qualities in their clients? “Walking the walk” really matters in this instance, at least it does in my view.

Then again, Kayties softer physique may make her less intimidating and provide a more realistic goal for trainees looking to lose weight. Often times I’ve heard both men and women say they wouldn’t work out with a particular trainer because they look too fit! The issue here is that Kaytie is not training obese clients, but girls looking to compete in pageants, who need to be thinner and more toned. So I’m not quite sure how I feel about Wicked Fit to be honest. On the one hand, Kaytie still looks great and obviously is doing something right. Plus she breaks the mold of what a TV trainer should look like (and I’m all for breaking molds) On the other, if you walked into a gym, would Kaytie exude fitness knowledge and a passion for health?

From a TV perspective, I watched a few clips from the show and what I know is that it’s not about training at all, even though the Wicked Fit star is an ISSA certified trainer. It’s about Kaytie’s outlandish personality, her mom and her staff, and all the crazy shenanigans that go on behind the scenes at her gym. And I’ll admit it looks somewhat entertaining. The few clips of training I did see looked okay, the form was a bit sloppy but the exercise choices were solid. So I’ll tune in for a few more episodes and see what the show’s really all about…

But what do you think? Does Kaytie’s lack of a super toned body affect her credibility? If she were a trainer in your gym, would you hire her? And what are your thoughts on trainers in general and how they should look…