the rack-workout station

Hello everyone! It seems as though there’s just no slowing down the influx of fitness infomercial products targeting the fitness seeking viewer. So for today’s Infomercial Insanity, I’m reviewing The Rack, one of the latest get ripped fast products to appear on our TV screens. But is it any good?

Product Pitch

The Rack was developed by elite personal trainer and frequent cover model Owen McKibbin and like all TV fitness products makes some lofty promises. The key to the rack’s success is it’s 3 user positions – standing, which uses all of your bodyweight to build muscle, as a bench for rapid muscle sculpting, and flat on the ground, to allow for ‘insane’ abdominal exercises.

The Rack is made of 30lbs. of solid steel that allows it to be used as a weight for squats, presses, upright rows, shoulder presses, dips, modified pull-ups, and many other traditional exercises. The product website  claims the design of The Rack makes it the perfect way to build bigger, sculpted muscles, fast! But the real secret to working out with The Rack is apparently Zone Progression, meaning which uses multiple hand and floor positions, to burn fat and sculpt muscle fast.

The makers claim you can get the ripped body you want in less than 30 minutes. The Rack comes with 6 DVD workouts, nutrition and workout guides, and an owner’s manual.

As usual you can try The Rack risk free for 14 days for just $15 or buy it outright for around $160.


The Angry Trainer Says:

Ok, truthfully The Rack aint half bad!

I’ve actually visited a store that sells the product and tried it out for myself. And I have to say the multiple hand positions are great, as are the dip and pull-up bars – plus the abs exercises are killer. The ‘Zone Progression’ is really nothing more than moving from one movement to the next quickly in circuit fashion, but due to The Rack’s design, it’s really easy to move through the exercises fast.

Now that said, creator Owen McKibbin didn’t build his body using The Rack. I’ve seen Owen multiple times over the years in magazines and on TV shows, as well as endorsing other fitness related products. All of which pre-dated The Rack – so don’t expect to get a body like Owen’s through using the product. But that’s not to say The Rack isn’t a good edition to your home gym or that it can’t help you in your quest for fitness, a leaner, tighter body and improved health.

Also keep in mind, The Rack is only 30 pounds, so for those of you looking to lift more weight through exercises like squats, presses, and curls, this won’t be enough. But you can actually add extra weight plates to increase the resistance, just go to their accessories sections for more details.

Don’t forget of course that diet is also key to your body transformation. As always remember that you won’t get lean and sculpted by using any exercise equipment alone, you need to also eat well and watch how many calories you consume. Overall though, The Rack is super sturdy, efficient and fits well within most homes and budgets.

I’ll actually be purchasing one and trust me – that means A LOT!

The Angry Trainer says: Recommended – but use it as part of a program that also includes other modes of exercise.