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Jodie Marsh: From Glamour Girl To Bodybuilder


Have you guys heard of Jodie Marsh?

She’s a famous British glamour model – well known for taking her clothes off, wearing very few clothes on the red carpet and sleeping with famous celebrities! Sounds like some of our US ‘celebrities’ doesn’t it!

Well Bella wrote to me this week after reading a story about the former model and her amazing transformation! Turns out Jodie has now gone from a T&A model to a fully fledged bodybuilder, and has started entering local bodybuilding contests (she just placed 5th in a show). Take a look at the pic above – and compare to how Jodie used to look!

Jodie Marsh

Jodie and her trainer have been giving plenty of interviews in the UK about her new figure and some of their comments have been raising eyebrows. Apparently Jodie’s trainer said she achieved that amazing 6 pack in just 8 weeks!

So here’s my take!

First, Jodie says she performs 3 hours of cardio per day, 2 hours of weight training, and an hour of abs training.  That’s 6 hours of exercise per day! In addition, because she’s a vegetarian, she drinks mostly protein shakes and eats very little whole food. Ms. Marsh admits to training with weights and bodybuilding for 3 years prior to her first contest. What Jodie certainly did do was cut her weight and body fat for her stage debut. I’ve experienced this first hand and have also helped people achieve the same level of conditioning as Jodie has. Trust me, it’s no fun, it’s like a full time job, it’s not healthy, and above all, not sustainable. Typically, trainees will only be in contest condition for a day or two, and then return to a more normal version of themselves.

Now there have been a lot of people insulting Jodie’s new look. Some say she looks manly, like a leather bag, old, etc. I can tell you she’s put a ridiculous amount of work into reaching her contest condition, and for that effort she has my respect. It’s one of those things that if you haven’t done it yourself, you can’t appreciate the dedication or commitment that it takes. That said, I’m horrified to hear that Ms. Marsh smokes almost a pack of cigarettes per day! Talk about a conflict of interest – she looks ultra fit, but inside is literally dying.

So can you get abs like Jodie’s in just 8 weeks? Well yes and no. Of course it depends on how far away you are from that goal. I mean if you have 75 pounds to lose, then no it’s unlikely, but if you’re 10–20 pounds overweight, sure, you can have a six-pack.

The problem with these bodybuilder diets is that they’re extremely regimented, right down to weighing food and timing when you eat it. It becomes very tedious and laborious. I’ve said it before, the faster you lose weight the more likely you are to gain it back. So I wouldn’t suggest trying a crash diet, but as always, a healthy eating plan.

The other issue is that Jodie is setting herself up for a fall. I know it’s hard to understand, but when you train for a bodybuilding show, and start seeing the changes to your body, it becomes addictive. Your clothes fit looser, your stomach is flat as a board, you just feel great about how you look. I can remember looking in the mirror and not recognizing parts of my body and how they looked. I’m not a therapist, but in some of the interviews I’ve read with Jodie, she seems to be starving for attention. She’s said she’s had trouble meeting men (blokes), and now she can’t write phone numbers down fast enough.

I believe that anyone looking to be stared at and judged, including my former self, has an issue with self-esteem and confidence. But training for a physique show can actually make this worse, and may possibly lead to an unhealthy view of your body, or even eating disorders.

Personally, I’d like to see Jodie go back to an in between version of her former, and bodybuilding self. And for her to quit smoking!

But what do you think? Do you think Jodie looks good with her new body? Or does she look starved and unhealthy?

4 comments on “Jodie Marsh: From Glamour Girl To Bodybuilder

  1. In my opinion, I think bodybuilding for competing in a show can help someone overcome many challenges such as accomplishing something, reaching goals, and proving to yourself that you can do anything you set your mind to. But as far as a competitive bodybuilder, competing in show after show, pushing their bodies limits further can become obsessive. Bodybuilding often attracts many men who have many underlying insecurities about their body and in some way is the male form or anorexia: bigerexia. Having dated a bodybuilder, I can tell you it was the worst experience and relationship I have ever had. The mood swings, the constant need to eat on a schedule, your partner evaluating what you eat and and how you look. This only will emphasis how insecure they are about how they look and putting down others for their physical weaknesses often makes them feel better about themselves. The obsessiveness with supplements, testosterone boosters, HGH, and even steriods, led to many roid rages, verbal, emotional and physical abuse. In my opinion most , but not all, are very unstable people you do not want to be around especially during their training for a competition. Bodybuilding to them is their job and their life and you will be number 2 in the relationship. I am by no means saying that a competition here and there are bad if you do it for the right reasons and naturally, and does not affect you personal life and the people around you. This model seems to have some underlying issue going on and maybe she needs to seek help to find the right reasons for training for a competition and to help improve her self confidence while having fun competing and reaching personal goals which is what bodybuilding competitions should be about.

  2. I think jodie looks fantastic she has a great body and is very sexy. She has inspired me to start bodybuilding and i am now training hard i just wish i had the time to train for 6 hours a day like jodie.! I hope she carries on and manages to develop her body even more.

  3. Oh what a woman, what an achievment. Im very impressed. She is an inspirasion and hero. A dangerous, hot babe. – Can`t stop thinking what would
    happen if I got stuck between her thighs. -Killingtime!!

  4. i think jodie looks fantastic i used to have a perfect body which has slipped a bit now but because of jodie im starting bodybuilding myself and im going to look even better than i did before, as long as you stay away from steroids this is a great way to run your life if you have the time which i have plenty of good on you jodie and keep it up, your my role model

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