I bet that title caught your attention!

This if for all you ladies out there as I know that the outside thigh / upper hip area is a big problem for many of you. And I know that there’s a lot of misinformation circulating on what to do if you’re trying to rid yourself of excess fat in this area. Some ‘experts’ promote fat slimming exercises, while others try to push fat burning supplements, and still more promote bizarre creams and therapies. Recently I’ve even heard of “body wraps”, where they actually shrink-wrap your skin – guaranteeing a loss of several inches! So what’s the deal? Can you lose the thunder in those thighs?

Okay, first let me explain a few things. Your body has two different types of fat cells – Alpha and Beta. Basically, the beta are “good” or I should say “better” of the two, and give up stored fat more easily, while alpha are bad and are resistant to letting go!

This is caused in part by better blood flow to the betas, which allows for an easier stimulus of fat release (there are also some other schools of thought regarding insulin activity and certain foods and their effects). The really crappy part is that you can’t control the ratios of good to bad fat cells as they’re genetic, somewhat gender specific, and I believe possibly even related to your ethnicity. Depending on who you are and factors out of your control, you may have more alpha’s then beta’s in certain areas – in this case, the thighs. Think about it, you don’t see a man with fat legs much, nor do you see women walking around with a beer gut.

In fact I’ve seen this first handed with women in bodybuilding shows that from the waist up were in ultra ripped condition, while their lower body was rippled with fat and cellulite. It was like looking at the halves of two different people. In fact it’s quite common.

So what can you do? Will a better diet and exercise regimen help reduce those thunder thighs? The truth is that without some type of medical intervention, spot reduction just isn’t possible. Of course you’ll lose body fat by following an appropriate diet and exercise program, but haven’t you noticed how the first area that tends to get lean is the face? Think about it. It’s because the face has a terrific blood supply and stimulating fat from stores in that area is easy. Sadly you can’t pick where your body chooses to store fat.

In fact check this out – touch your face, it’s warm right? Now touch your butt or the fatty area of your thighs. It’s probably cold right? That’s because there’s poor blood flow to that area which means you’ll have a hard time losing fat from it. Make sense right? I know you were hoping that this would be a post that would reveal how to lose those stubborn fatty areas, but I’m sorry, there’s no guarantee that’ll happen – even with a perfect diet and program.

So does that mean you shouldn’t exercise or watch your diet? Of course not, that’s utter nonsense. Remember, your goal, as a trainee is to improve your health and fitness, with the “look” being a secondary benefit. Plus you can almost certainly improve the look of your thighs. But there are no specific exercises or diets that’ll help target fat loss in that area. When you lose fat from eating right and exercising, your body takes it from where it wants, which is usually the easiest place (and generally not where you want!)

There are some “therapies” that use hundreds of injections into a fatty area to help stimulate fat loss, but they’re not FDA approved or been around long enough to say with certainty that they’re safe. And of course liposuction is an option, but again, you can and will gain all the fat back if you don’t adhere to a healthy program.

We all have areas of our body that we don’t like. Trust me, even those people who are considered beautiful or in shape, will quickly point out areas on their body that they’d love to change. In fact it’s the people who are most in shape that are the most unhappy with how they look! I know because I used to be one of them.

The key is for you to emphasize your strengths and focus on what you do like, rather than dwelling on and letting the things you don’t like define who you are. Eat a clean diet consisting of whole foods, workout regularly, train your entire body with a varied routine and with the right intensity, and be an active individual. You can’t ask for much more.