By now you’ve probably seen Henry Cavill’s ripped body in the trailers for the new movie Immortals, or perhaps on the cover of this month’s Men’s Health. You may also know that the 28 year old Brit is currently filming the reboot of the Man of Steel himself – Superman!

But interestingly in interviews Cavill reveals he was a chubby kid and it took him a long time to get into shape. So how did he turn himself into a Greek God and now Superman – and can the same regime work for you?

Cavill used traditional weight training to get in shape for Immortals – but in preparation for Superman, Cavill wanted to step things up a notch. So he enlisted Mark Twight, owner of Gym Jones in Salt Lake City to help him put the SUPER in Superman. Twight’s the man credited with whipping the cast of 300 into shape – remember how ripped and jacked Gerard Butler was back then? I see a clear theme here, and Twight’s program, Tailpipe training, obviously produces results.

What is Tailpipe Training you ask – simple – a killer interval 100 rep workout that uses 4 sets of 25 reps with only 8 controlled breaths between each exercise. It has two distinct phases – exertion (exercise) and recovery, and both are controlled and deliberate.Henry Cavill as Theseus

You can expect to burn a ton of calories using this program and scorch fat if your diet is in check – which I know Cavill’s is. Diet plays an integral role in achieving that shredded look. In fact, in an interview with Men’s Health it’s revealed that in preparation for Immortals, he “ate highly inefficient food”, referring to the diet program he endured to get so lean.

To me that statement implies sugars and starchy carbs are off limits and I’d bet his diet consists of lean proteins, fibrous vegetables, and healthy fats. I recommend a similar plan and I’m sure it’s what Henry is still using along with his Superman training. Eating inefficient sources of fuel that keep blood sugar low are a sure fire way to burn off bodyfat. After all, Superman doesn’t eat cupcakes.

So, do you have what it takes to train like Cavill? Do you think you can you handle tailpipe training? There’s no need to go to Utah to find out – try it out in your own gym or at home. The program utilizes complex, multi–joint exercises like gobblet squats, squat thrusts, Kettlebell swings and jumping jacks. You can also use Burpees, squat and presses, jump squats, or even a TRX squat and row. The key is to use movements that involve a lot of muscle groups, so don’t go curling 15 pounds for 100 reps!

I know, it doesn’t sound that hard, but 100 rep sets add up fast, and remember, you only have 8 breaths before you move to the next exercise. Now truth be told, most of you probably can’t get 100 reps of any exercise right of the bat. So I suggest you start with 4 exercises, 25 reps each, and use the 8-breath count rule. Each time you try the workout, add 5 more reps to the total.

For a little clarification, this is similar to a Tabata workout, in that it’s not an hour-long workout, but just a set performed on an off day, or at the end of another workout. Of course you could try for multiple sets, but truthfully if you put the right effort out, you should be completely exhausted on the last rep. Pick any four big exercises and blast them out. I’m sure it will yield big results if you stick to it, and you’ll have a tremendous feeling of accomplishment and pride the day that you reach 100 reps of all 4 exercises. It truly is a Super – Man (woman too!) regimen. Try it out!

Sample Superman Workout
Remember- start with 25 reps and add 5 each time.
1. Kettlebell Hip Drive x 25 reps
-Take 8 Breaths, slow and deliberate through the nose
2. Burpees x 25 reps
-Take 8 Breaths, slow and deliberate through the nose
3. Dumbbell Squat & Press x 25 reps
-Take 8 Breaths, slow and deliberate through the nose
4. Dumbbell Step Up & Side Laterals x 25 – Each Leg!

If you feel like it, try 1, 2, 3, even 4 more rounds for time!

Done. Go back to work at the Daily Planet.