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Chris Christie: Is He Fit To Be President?

Chris Christie

If you’ve been following the news at all over the last few weeks you’ve doubtless heard all the rumors concerning New Jersey governor Chris Christie – and his possible Presidential run.

Christie is riding high in the polls and could be the big GOP hope for 2012. But let’s be honest – Christie is not a slim man. And already many are questioning if Christie’s weight will play an issue in a possible election match up with Obama.

It’s no secret that our nation is prejudice against our overweight citizens, but does Christie’s weight really play a role in his political career? Check out what the ladies of The View had to say on this issue…


We may say it’s not an issue – but sadly everything is fair game in politics – and we all know it will be. And to be honest the first thing that came to my mind was if Christie were elected to the Presidency, he would be at a high risk of sudden death via heart attack or stroke. Christie’s already been hospitalized in recent months for being short of breath, and as Dr. Nancy Snyderman said on the Today show this week, “he’s morbidly obese, not healthy, and at risk of all associated illnesses”. Snyderman then went on to explain that in today’s society, Christie’s portly stature may resonate with more Americans, as 2/3 of our nation is overweight or obese.

But it’s not just about Christie’s health – it’s his behavior too. Donnie Deutsch, also a panelist alongside Snyderman, went on to talk about the elephant in the room. If the Governor can’t get his own eating and health under control, is this a sign that he can’t stick to a plan and has little discipline. Can we really trust a person who willfully neglects themselves? As Donnie said, “If he’s not in charge of himself, can he be in charge of a country”. Other criticisms from within the political arena chastise Christie for his multiple failed attempts at losing weight, and actually say it’s a character flaw. Hmm, I’m not so sure I agree.

Let’s see, what other politicians can we put in the “character flaw” category? All of them! Are you kidding me? How about we start the list off with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Clinton, Richard Nixon, Elliot Spitzer, Marion Barry, James McGreevey. Shall I continue? All of these men had (have) huge personality, morality, and character flaws –  they just hid them well. Did any of their “flaws” affect their ability to do their jobs? I say absolutely not. And we all know President Obama is a smoker! So should he be similarly judged? I mean anyone who smokes knows the consequences of their actions and the illnesses it causes.

The only difference here is that Governor Christie wears his vices or issues with food for all to see. The fact that he has tried and failed numerous times to lose weight, is no different than failed attempts by smokers, alcoholics, womanizers, or anyone with addiction problems. His problem just happens to be food. I can tell you in all my years of training, I’ve trained men very high up in the financial world, some worth tens of millions of dollars – literally. And you know what? They couldn’t get their diet under control to save their life. When it came to work, family, participation in their community, and virtually every other aspect of life, they were brilliant stars; dedicated, committed, disciplined, and above all, wildly successful. But they couldn’t stop eating, drinking, and resisting temptation.

It just goes to show that being overweight is not a character flaw, but a much more serious issue. It’s not as simple as just eating less for those with serious food issues. If it were, we wouldn’t be an overweight nation. You can’t look at a person that’s overweight and rush to judgment on how that person leads their life, or guess at their productiveness. I’ll be 100% honest -I used to judge those that were heavy, or smoked, as I just couldn’t understand how someone would violate their own health in such ways. But you see that’s just it – I can’t understand because I’m not that person and never have been, therefore I’m in no position to judge. Instead I’ve chosen a path of trying to educate people so that perhaps one day the issue of obesity is far smaller than what it is today. But what I can do is gauge a person by their accomplishments, experience, their accolades, and references. I’m not siding with a party here, but clearly Christie does okay on all those fronts.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a reference that said, yes he’s a great guy, very smart, educated, born leader, … but watch out…he’s fat.

But that’s just my take… what do you think? Do you think Christie is too fat to be president? And will it matters to voters if he does indeed decide to throw his hat in the ring?

5 comments on “Chris Christie: Is He Fit To Be President?

  1. Think back to before there was ANY media coverage…those Presidents got to do their job and not be scrutinized by anyone, all the country ever knew was what was published in print. No one knew about Thomas Jefferson’s infidelities, or how obese any of them might have been, or for that matter how THIN Lincoln was, that could have been the opposite issue. Those Presidents had the same issues you just discussed but we weren’t aware of them. Judge them by their record. His personal demons or maybe even medical issues surrounding his weight are his alone and do not effect his ability to do his job. While I am concerned about the increase in stress levels that can amplify his issues, I think everyone is in potential trouble when you find yourself under that much pressure.

  2. I find this a very tricky issue – again!

    Fact is Christie isn’t just a few pounds overweight – it’s pretty obese. Which does hint at a lack of self control. But you make some good points regarding Clinton and Spitzer.

    To be fair to Christie, he is pretty upfront about his bad eating habits – but I do worry about the health implications if he won office. Being President is not exactly a stress-free job. Can Christie really handle the pressure of being POTUS?

  3. You make great points about ALL politicians having flaws/foibles. Hell, they are all HUMAN! There are plenty of other reasons to dislike him (if you are looking for reasons to dislike him) besides his size. My two cents. :-)

    What if Christie were a female candidate who was similarly obese? I can’t even imagine her running. Fat women are way less acceptable than fat men.

  4. My first impression when i see obese people is that they don’t have much self control, or at least self worth. Is that prejudiced? Sure.
    I won’t go to a doctor who is overweight. I won’t even go to one unless i know that he/she is active and athletic. But i don’t care if my MD is versed in political science or international law. THOSE things i would expect from a POTUS.
    The heathy/athletic/active part? Yes, i feel that it is important, but not a deal breaker.

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