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Take The Angry Trainer October Diet Challenge!


Hello everyone! How are you all doing? I hope terrific!

So listen, I’ve been thinking of ways to keep all of us motivated to eat healthy, and stay on our workout program, including myself, especially as we head towards the holiday season. The summer is over and now’s a great time to get on track for the end of the year so we can all finish strong!

As you know I’ve barely worked out recently – just 3 times in the past 7 weeks, as I tore my biceps and had surgery to repair it. Needless to say, from not exercising and being relatively inactive, I’ve put on a few pounds of fat and lost a few pounds of muscle. It’s not exactly where I want to be. So…

I’ve been toying with the idea of trying various eating plans including vegetarian, vegan, and a few other diets. And finally I’ve decided to embark on a new regime, starting October 1st!

The diet I’m going to follow is the Paleo Diet which I’ve written about before here on the site. For those of you that don’t know what the Paleo plan calls for – it’s basically a diet that consists of meats, eggs, veggies, fruits, and nuts… and not much else! It’s named after the Paleolithic time period and foods like rice, potatoes, beans and peanuts are excluded since people of the time would not have had access to them. It’s a strict diet for sure – although on this plan you don’t count calories and eat frequently throughout the day.

I feel I need a strict regimen to get me out of this funky state that I’ve landed in. Truthfully my diet has been just terrible, and I’ve put so much garbage in my body these last few weeks that I literally am sick and very disappointed in myself. So given that I have the type of personality that works well with challenges, I’m sharing my plan with all you Angry Trainer readers and making myself accountable to all of you!

The very nature of the plan makes it hard to overeat, and from what I’ve read, excess fat weight falls off. Although I won’t lie – I will eat beans, sweet potatoes and brown rice in small quantities – but I will limit how much of those foods I eat. The Paleo Diet does have one nice addition though – one that most diets exclude – alcohol. It seems a glass or two of red wine is just fine.

Now here’s where all of YOU come in.

I want you to participate in this with me over the next month and let me know how you’ve done. Of course it would be great if you chose to follow the Paleo plan with me, but if not, choose another diet regime for yourself and try and stick to it. I’d like those who commit to the challenge to post their regimen in the comments section below and once per week drop a line to let all of us know how you’re doing. In essence, I want to make all of us accountable to each other, and on the flip side I want all of us to support one another. Doesn’t that sound awesome! I know with all you checking in on me I’ll be more likely to stay focused, and I think all of you will too.

This Saturday is October 1st and I think the start of a month is a great time to begin a new plan. Plus you don’t have to follow a full on plan. You could just pledge to stop drinking soda, or cut out chocolate from your diet. I’d love to hear about any of the changes you’re planning to make!

I know most of you already are on an exercise regimen, but I’m also making a commitment to workout 4 days per week, for a minimum of 30 minutes. Now I know that may not seem like much, but I’ve got to take my own advice and start back slowly, and cautiously. Plus, I still can’t use my left arm for at least a few more weeks. I guess on the plus side my legs will look incredible! On days that I train, I’ll post on my Angry Trainer Fitness Facebook page what workout I did so you’ll know I’m on track.

By now you should know that I really enjoy sharing my experiences with all of you. But this time around, I’d like you to share the experience with me. So what do you say? Will you take me up on the Angry Trainer Fitness October Diet challenge? It’s choosing a better eating plan and working out 4 days a week, for the next month.

Come on, all of you can do that! Let’s do it together.

21 comments on “Take The Angry Trainer October Diet Challenge!

  1. I’ve had a tricky September due to all the projects we’re juggling – and my diet has gone a bit awry!

    So my pledge is to limit my calorie intake to no more than 2,500 cals a day for the month of October. I’ll let you know how I get on!

  2. Alfonso,
    You have peaked my interest. One question about paleo though: what about protein shakes? Are they allowed? I’m currently supplementing my diet and that would be my only concern. In actuality,it would not be too far of a shift to eliminate the “offending items”.

    • Hey Greg. If you followed Paleo to a T, then no, shakes couldn’t be used. But, as I said in the post, I’m calling this the Paleo Twist. I will be using a some varied of shakes consisting of whey, egg and cassein. I’ll post what I’m using and when in this section come October 1st.

  3. Alright, I’m going to join you Alfonso. I am going to eat Paleo except I will be eating beans, brown rice and sweet potatoes in small quantities and only before 3 pm. I will also be including 1 protein shake and 1 protein bar per day before 3 pm as well. Other than the exceptions it will be 100% Paleo. I will following the current exercise program I am on so the only change will be diet. This Saturday morning I will take pictures and measurements then email them to you. The following 4 Saturdays I will retake photos and measurements so you can see my progression. I am very excited to try this and I am looking forward to doing the challenge together.

  4. Yay! I’ve been eating Paleo for about a a year and a half. I’m so excited that you are going to try it out! Some of my favorite websites are,, and Great support and info! Good luck!!!

  5. I’m in!!!
    My diet will be clean eating. Leaving the sugars out. As I did before I got my shoulder injured and then fell of the wagon.
    And I’m also making the commitment to workout 4 days per week, for a minimum of 30 minutes.
    Here, I’ve said it and now need to follow thru :-)
    Do you want me to take pictures and measurements too?


  6. Hi Alfonso! So glad you are on this! :) I am on a Paleo wagon for 3 months only, but I never felt better, I don’t ever wanna go back. I can’t wait to know how your experience is gonna be! :)

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  8. I eat pretty clean, mostly chicken, eggs, tuna, veggies, some fruit, and nuts, but I can’t give up my oats for breakfast! Still, I’ll make a commitment to try harder in October to completely eliminate any little snacks/ sweets that I sometimes sneak in :) I have no problem with the workouts, I currently work out at least 4 days per week.

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  15. Angry Trainer I dont how I found but Im glad I did. Ive lost 45 lbs and have completed the BIGGEST goal of my life I competed in a bikin comp and im going to do my next one in 7 weeks. I love how real you are and I love all you do and write thank you soooo much. :) I love this blog the most because self esteem does get into the way when progress is going your way and that can be hard to tame. Thanks for keeping me motivated xoxo

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  17. I am trying to do this right now. It is very difficult with a SO who is not on the same plan. I know it sounds like making excuses and I am, but for me, any temptation with such a calorie restriction I have put always makes me deviate from the plan I have created, but I am not even celebrating Thanksgiving this year. Going to the gym, instead!!

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