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Jonah Hill’s Crash Weight Loss: Does He Look Healthy To You?

Johan Hill-after crash diet

Wow – that is one big weight loss!

By now you’ve probably seen the numerous pictures doing the rounds of formerly chubby actor Jonah Hill and the “remarkable” transformation he’s made over the last few months.

Jonah has joined the ranks of Seth Rogen and 50 Cent, losing 40 pounds for his upcoming role in 21 Jump Street. But critics are arguing the Superbad and Get Him To The Greek star isn’t looking so great these days.

You tell me, does Jonah look fit in the photo above?

Personally I think Jonah looks malnourished. His face is sunken in with loose, droopy skin, and he doesn’t appear to have an ounce of muscle on body. He looks like a typical over-exercising, under-eating trainee.

Let’s be honest here, his motives weren’t pure from the get go, after all, Jonah’s goal was to be thinner for a role, not to increase his health or fitness. Now I’m not suggesting that he’s not more fit now, in comparison to his larger self, but I’m not sure what shape he’s in truthfully. As a reminded – here’s how Jonah USED to look…


We’ve seen these kind of sudden weight losses time and time again on NBC’s hit show The Biggest Loser. I detest the structure and ideology behind the infamous reality show, and wrote all about my feelings in my post – Why Biggest Isn’t Best. The “winner” of almost every Loser looks emaciated by the finale, withdrawn, frail and sickly. Why? Because the goal is always to lose the maximum number of pounds. And guess what? Very few of the “winners” maintain that weight loss. Sudden, extreme weight loss usually results in a sudden, extreme gain. The reason is that (fast) massive weight loss can’t be maintained, and once you stop the extreme cycle of exercise and eating like a bird, all the weight comes right back.

It bothers me a bit that Jonah is being held up as a role model for overweight people to derive inspiration from. It sounds like he didn’t lose weight to feel better, or because he was worried about his health, he did it for money and a role in a movie. Those are not respectable motivators in my opinion. And as much as I hate to say it, I see Jonah gaining some of his weight back in the future. At least I hope so because he looks terrible.

The fact that he has a trainer is scary, because he doesn’t look like he’s exercised in his life. Not unlike trying to lose weight for a reunion, wedding, or any event, crash diets and programs will come back to bite you in the ass. Exercise, health, and fitness, are long -term commitments that build up over time and continue for a lifetime. While I commend Jonah for his weight loss, he needs to now focus on building a healthy body, and forget what the number on the scale says. Training for strictly weight loss is a sure fire route to failure. Aim to achieve health, fitness, longevity and vitality and everything else will fall into place.

8 comments on “Jonah Hill’s Crash Weight Loss: Does He Look Healthy To You?

  1. Whereas Seth Rogen looked pretty healthy after weight loss, Jonah does look rather ill. I hope he gains some weight back and along with it some strength and the desire to be in better shape rather than just skinny.

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  3. I think he looks good…as long as you have gobs of fat to lose, you are in no danger. Fasting has been around for centurys…..i fasted for 90 days and it was one of the best and exciting times of my life….i kept the weight off….only eating bad food puts the wait back on…..good stuff

  4. i don’t know why you are so negative, he’s now at a healthy weight and all you say is he looks bad and you think he’s gonna gain weight back? It’s people like you that make people become fat in the first place with your negative insulting ways. I’m happy for Jonah way to go to lose weight he looks a lot better, there’s just bad lighting in that photo. He has loose skin cause he lost weight faster than his skin has had time to adjust.

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