Due to my career as a personal trainer, I’ve been in gyms and fitness centers for the last twenty years of my life. And I’ve been listening to music for that same period of time as almost all facilities have tracks playing in the background.

Truthfully I like silence when I’m driving, and have actually learned to block out music when I’m training. But recently I jumped into the twenty first century and starting using an iPod when I workout. I know, earthshattering right? So I thought I’d share my Top 10: Workout Songs with you – and then I want you to do the same. Here we go…

1. Lose Yourself (Eminem) – What can I say, it’s a great anthem for anyone that’s been through life’s struggles and come out with a new drive and determination. You can’t help but get into a groove when exercising to it.

2. Up In Here (DMX) – Man I love this song! I love DMX’s raspy style and the fact that he’s a bit Angry! He calls people out and say’s what he feels without caring what others think. Ya’ all gonna’ make me lose my mind” sums up how I feel about the fitness industry.

3. Down With The Sickness (Disturbed) – Talk about angst! When I’m pushing hard on a set of deadlifts, squats, or even sprints, the overall tone of this jam fires me up. It’s got a great baseline and hook that’s super catchy and get’s your blood pumping.

4. Boom Boom Pow (Black Eyed Peas) – I use this song during my class and it’s always a favorite for one simple reason – it’s uplifting and fun. Especially during a boxing or kickboxing session, Boom Boom Pow just fits right in!


5. In The End (Linkin’ Park)- These guys rock! They may be a bit hardcore for some, but I like lyrics that resonate with me and feelings I’ve had in the past. I especially like when he says, “I had to fall to lose it all” because I’ve fallen quite a few times!

6. Smells Like Teens Spirit (Nirvana) – If this song doesn’t jack you up then something’s wrong. I still remember the original airdate of the video and hearing it for the first time. The ups and downs within the song are great for interval training.

7. Welcome The Jungle (Guns and Roses) – This is what all new trainees should listen to when they join a gym. The gym has been referred to as the “iron jungle” complete with various specimens of humans walking around. Axl Rose’s voice stirs energy up and can help you bang out a few extra sets.

8. The Edge of Glory (Lady Gaga) – Yep, The Angry Trainer listens to Gaga. So? I’ve always been a fan of people who are anti-establishment, and who truly put their passion into their work. All of her songs are awesome but the “Edge” just strikes a chord with me.


9. Stronger (Kanye West) – I’m not a fan of him for his antics, but I do like this song. How could I not? It’s called Stronger after all! Although the lyrics are a bit arrogant, I still like the chorus and the beat of the song. It’s in my iPod for sure.

10. Let It Rock (Kevin Rudolph) – This is another song I use in my class and it always get’s people going Especially when Lil’ Wayne jumps in for his rap. I’m a fan of music that encourages people to break free and loosen up, and this song hit’s the mark.

So that’s my Top Ten: Workout Songs. That’s just a sample of what’s in my playlist, but I’d love to know what you listen to. What’s in your iPod and get’s you going down the gym… start sharing your Top 10’s!

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