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Ask Alfonso: Are Hindu Squats Safe? (Podcast)

Hindu Squats

Today’s Ask Alfonso Podcast concerns a widely used exercise called the Hindu Squat.

Indre has written me because she’s confused as to whether the exercise is safe or not – and therefore whether it should be part of her workout regimen.

For those of you that don’t know, the Hindu Squat’s form contradicts most conventional squat recommendations; you squat on your toes and your knees travel a good distance over the tip of your toes with decreasing leverage.

Now I believe in using your body in multiple planes of motion, and actually find the word “form” a contradiction in terms. Your body is designed to move in multiple directions and positions, but that said, there are certain movements that I believe are inherently unsafe. But do Hindu Squats come into the ‘too risky to try’ category…?

Have a listen to my suggestions and let me know what you think?





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