It’s Testing The Trainers time again, and today I’m reviewing celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson. Many of you have probably heard of Gunnar or seen him in one of his many television appearances.

In terms of a ‘trainer to the stars’, Gunnar’s the real deal, with a private training facility in lush Beverly Hills and clients including Jennifer Lopez, Mathew McConaughey and Bruce Willis (no C-list Real Housewives here!) Gunnar’s also appeared on the Today show, Extra, CNN, and has contributed to many fitness magazines.

Basically this guy’s everywhere and is a certifiable Rock Star trainer! But just because Hollywood loves him, it doesn’t mean he knows what he’s doing (remember my post on Tracy Anderson and her “Method”).

So let’s see what Mr Peterson is all about.

Program Shakedown

Gunnar isn’t your average fitness guru. He’s created a line of workout DVD’s called Core Secrets and Shape Magazine’s Best Ever Hollywood Workout. Both DVD’s include full body workouts that incorporate a range of components, with a little specialism in a particular area. But Gunnar’s not a mass marketing machine like some more commercial, less talented trainers. He’s not putting his name on pills, powders or anything else that pays him a fee. He’s preaching real advice – and with a smile.

Over the years I’ve seen Gunnar on various talk shows and always liked his style; he’s relatable and speaks with passion. But mostly he’s a no nonsense, no fluff kind of guy. He says what I always do, “There are no shortcuts” and gives terrific real world advice. I’d love to have a chat with him!

I’ve also watched many of Peterson’s videos, many of which are available online, and once again find myself in agreement with his philosophy. Most exercises he demonstrates are multi dimensional, often combining more than one exercise. So you may be performing a dumbbell squat, shoulder press with a twist, or T-Plank Dumbbell Rows, which is exactly the style I use. I call it high exercise efficiency, meaning you get a lot more done in the same amount of time. His form was great, the motivation and explaining was on par, in fact I couldn’t find anything wrong with Gunnar’s training. That makes the Angry Trainer happy!


Gunnar Peterson knows his stuff, period. Some celebrity trainers may be able to fool their actor clients, but his clientele extends to professional athletes in many sports, with the results visible for all to see. The great thing is that many of his tips on diet and exercise are free and can be found online with a simple Google search.

It also doesn’t hurt that Gunnar has degrees in Psychology, Physical Fitness and Nutrition. Plus he’s a CSCS – Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and of course is a certified Personal Trainer. In his twenty years in fitness he’s written books, a whole range of programs and obtained wild success in the fitness world. And he, like me, also writes for Discovery Fit and Health. It seems as though I’m in great company.

Interestingly, both Kim Kardashian and Brooke Burke have trained with Gunnar over the years – and yet now endorse Shape Ups! In fact Kim even filmed a commercial in which she said the words “Bye bye trainer!” Big mistake Kim!

When it comes to Gunnar Peterson – The Angry Trainer says HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Check out his tips today…