So here’s a new feature we’re launching on Angry Trainer Fitness where we count down the Top 10 contenders in a key category – chosen by yours truly!

Now a lot of magazines and websites love to talk about Fit Celebrity Bodies. Normally they pick the usual suspects like LL Cool J, Matthew McConaughey and Chris Evans. But we like to do things a little differently here at the Angry Trainer – so here’s my list of the 10 Fittest Men Over 50… because you truly can be fit at ANY age…

My rationale in selecting men was to find guys who throughout their career have always managed to stay fit, toned, and in shape, not for a role, not for a show, but for LIFE. Some of these guys I used to watch on TV more than 20 years ago! To say that they still look great now is an understatement.

Youth provides all of us with a bit more forgiveness on the exercise front, so when I see men in their 50’s and older looking great, I know it’s because they chose to take care of themselves and made a commitment to health and fitness. So here we go… in no particular order…except for #1.

1. JACK LALANNE: At 93, he has to be first. This guy is an animal – he was born in 1914! Fitness guru’s come and go, Ol’ Jack is THE REAL DEAL. No over 50, over 60, over 70 , over 80, hell, over 90 fit bodied celebrities list is complete without him. Just amazing! His feats of strength, displays of human will, and the effect he has had on fitness has never been duplicated…. yet.

2. THOMAS HADEN CHURCH: Just over the mark at 51, Thomas has been on the radar since the 80’s. I remember his distinctive voice mostly from Ned and Stacy, one of my favorite Seinfeld Era shows. I also remember the vascularity in his arms. He has super veiny arms, something I always admire. The things we notice huh? Most recently, he was The Sandman in Spider Man 3. He looks great. This guy works out, trust me.

3. ANTHONY ROBBINS: New to the 50’s club, Anthony has been around for decades and is best known for his self help infomercials flashing his big white teeth and karate chopping wood. I still remember Ben Stiller’s parody of him many years ago. It was seriously funny. But say what you want about Mr. Robbins, he is a lean, mean, self empowering, “yes you can” fitness machine, no joke. He preaches for us to “exceed expectations”, and in my opinion he has.

4. CARL WEATHERS: He really would have kicked Rocky’s ass, but it was a great story right? Carl was jacked up and ultra lean in all the Rocky movies; the separation between his thigh muscles running on the beach was crazy and the bicep hand shake scene in Predator with Arnold resonates even today with MY 11 year old son. Priceless. Now 62, he still looks amazing and has arms of steel…. chump.

5. DENNIS QUAID: 54 never looked so ripped, lean and vascular? Dennis has always had a great body (unlike brother Randy). He boxed for 15 years hence the ripped, lean, slinky physique. Especially those abs, a true washboard. He claims to maintain his body these days with yoga and running, but I think he’s lying. You don’t get a body like this without throwing in a few weights along the way!

6. DR BOB DELMONTEQUE: at 85, you should know who this guy is if you follow fitness. He’s a fitness celebrity, an A-list trainer and the senior fitness editor of Muscle and Fitness magazine. A little too tan for my taste (Hamiltan), but he’s got pecs of steel. Damn. I hope I look like that.

7. DAMON WAYANS: Also just in at 50, the comedian seems to be more fit and in shape now than during his In Living Color days – maybe he caught the bug a little later in life. A little pudgy, and not the leanest by any stretch, but he proves you don’t have to be shredded to look fit. Homie works out, with two snaps and a twist.

8. JACK WAGNER: Jack made his name on cheesy soap operas when I was still in high school, 20 years ago, and is best known for Melrose Place in the 90’s. At 51, he goes shirtless on set with the best of them. Apparently he has a gift for the game of Golf, but I know he’s swinging some real iron as well. I think he’s a bit cheesy but laughing all the way to the bank he’s no putz.

9. JOHN SCHNEIDER: This guy is a favorite of mine. I call him slow and steady. Not really buff, he’s just maintained his youthful appearance and All American look. He was Bo Duke on The Dukes of Hazzard and more recently Clark Kent’s dad on Smallville and yet at 50, he’s barely aged. John obviously stayed away from the Boars Nest. For that, I give him a loud “Yee Haaawww!”

10. CHRISTOPHER MELONI: I know, he’s not 50, not til April. But I had to list him. He’s in shape and a badass, period. Best known as SVU’s tough as nails, conflicted cop, Chris has more than his share of shirtless scenes that make women tingle. He’s got that tough guy swagger, and is a guy’s guy, not some pretty boy. He’s got the rugby body, tight, compact, hurt ya’ muscles. Enough said.

But what do you think? Do you agree with my list? And who else do you think should go in there? Start commenting everyone…