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I don’t know about you, but I’m a huge fan of Criss Angel’s Mindfreak and can’t wait to see his show Believe in Las Vegas. Some of the illusions he performs are simply mind-boggling and just can’t be explained, or can they?

It got me thinking about the fitness industry and so “called” celebrity trainers, and I realized almost all of them are exactly the same as Criss. Their programs, their workouts, their “expertise”, even their look, all add up to one hell of an illusion. When I competed in bodybuilding, it wasn’t about if I was muscular and lean, it was if I looked it on stage that counted – the perception. I was taught specific ways to hold my posture, turn slightly one way, push a muscle out a bit, all in the name of creating the perfect on stage illusion.

In the same way a lot of the time celebrity personal trainers don’t know what they’re doing, they just make you believe that they do. They’ve mastered the illusion of becoming a believable, credible, expert trainer. Take a look…


Now I have a new name to add to the master illusionist crowd; Tracy Anderson.

Wow, this girl is a master at branding and marketing her “method”. But what exactly is the Tracy Anderson Method and who’s using it? Tracy throws names around like Madonna, Courtney Cox, Shakira, and Gwyneth Paltrow, whose testimonials are on her site singing the praises of her miraculous exercise system. Anderson herself is a dancer, and apparently developed her self named program over the course of ten years after believing that tried and true training methods were all wrong.

Tracy claims she can take any woman’s body and transform it into a tiny, dancers physique. I must tell you, in my opinion that is completely impossible, unless of course she has devised a time travel technique to go back in time and change who your parents are. Sorry, but your genes are what you’ve been given, and while they can always be substantially improved upon, there’s more chance of me transforming Tracy’s body into an NFL linebacker’s build then the claim that she makes.

All of Tracy’s celebrity clients have always looked great and have never been out of shape – yet Tracy is getting the credit for their fitness? Madonna is a ‘trainer tramp’ and has had more personal trainers than I can count; I’ve seen Gwyneth personally in Westchester County, NY throughout the years and she always looked fabulous, pre-Tracy of course, and Shakira has always been amazingly hot and sexy.  You get my point. Now if Kirstie Alley did Tracy’s technique and got tiny, or Carnie Wilson slimmed down, I’d be impressed. But you don’t see those types of referrals on her site now do you?


The workouts Tracy promotes are just crazy in my opinion, I’ve seen her recommend no more than three pound weights, hundreds of repetitions, and twice daily one hour workouts. A lot of her system consists of dancing routines, which are great if you want to be a dancer, but otherwise of limited use. Then there’s the diet plan which basically amounts to starvation as I’m sure any competent dietician or nutritionist would agree. Sure you’ll lose a lot of weight with Tracy’s method, but that’s because you’re starving and over exercising, not because of the ideology behind the program. Tracy’s website states her method for “transforming the body is strengthening the accessory muscle group, that thereby creates a tight knit group of small muscles that actually pull in the larger muscle groups”.  What the hell does that mean? I have no idea what she is saying! Do you?

I’m sure I know what many of you who’ve tried Tracy’s method are going to say – that Tracy’s program is hard and that you were really sore after trying it. So? Fitness enthusiasts need to learn the difference between “hard” and “productive” and realize the two do not always match up. I am sure that performing hundreds of repetitions with three pound weights is very hard, but truthfully, it won’t do jack for your fitness program. If exercise is asking the body to adapt to an external stimulus it is not used to, and your handbag, groceries, suitcase, or your child weighs more than three pounds, then how is three pounds a workout? It’s not.

Any exercise program is better than none, and if you are just starting out and try The Tracy Anderson Method you will get some results for two reasons: one, you’ll be moving more and burning some calories, and two, you’ll be aware of your nutritional habits. Any time these two aspects of fitness are combined you will see some results. That’s why every plan, every infomercial, every product is now sold with a nutritional regimen as part of the system.

At the end of the day if Tracy’s program gives you a start in fitness then that’s great. But don’t be fooled into thinking that it will change your body into something it’s not. Even the greatest illusionists of all time can’t do that.

But what do you think? Have you tried Tracy’s method – and did it work for you?


  1. Haha maybe do a bit more research on Tracy before you give your unsubstantiated opinions on something you clearly know nothing about. I’ve been doing her method for over a year now and it has been the only one that has worked for me and does exactly what she says it does. I am not naturally thin, in fact quite the opposite, and I am so thankful to tracy for first giving me hope and then proving I can have the body I always dreamed of but never thought possible. Perhaps your article needs a bit of rethinking

  2. I agree with Katie….. I find that the people that are negative about TA Method simply just do not understand her Method.
    If you put in the hard work, you will see the results.

    • Mich

      Wow. You are rude Alfonso. Have you tried her method? She is launching a men’s program – I would love to see you try it first and then perhaps you can comment on a method designed for women. I am another fan.

  3. Do you have to follow the Tracy Anderson Method to lose weight? No. You can follow any conventional workout program as long as you WORK HARD.
    Do you want to re-shape your body into a feminine shape, then you do have to do the TA Method. For years I spent hours doing Pilates and Spinning, every day, one after the other. I also trained at a gym with equipment and heavy weights. Sure thing I was strong and I wasn’t overweight but I had a squared shape. I’ve been size medium for many years (I used to be small, but aging (i’m in my mid thirties) and other factors, like being a cookie monster don’t help. So you ask if we’ve tried the TA method? I have, I’ve been doing it for more than a year, I’ve worked hard (4 to 5 times per week) WITHOUTt following her diets, or any diet for that matter. I just use general common sense; but her workouts? Yes, her unweighted arms, her ab excercises and her butt-lifting, saddle-bag shrkinking excruciating leg work.. yes.
    Results: I’m a size small now. My arms are very pretty, I have a waist, I’m not square and I’m stronger.
    I’ve tried DVD workouts with their shiny labels: Just 20 minutes a day! Tracy says it in all of her videos: YOU HAVE TO PUT IN THE EFFORT.. 4 to 6 times per week, an hour of toning and and 30 to 40 minutes of cardio. How would your body NOT change if you do all that?

  4. I agree with Katie, you should do actual research before stating your biased opinion as actual factual information because it is not. The Tracy Anderson Method is the ONLY workout that has changed my body and I have been doing it for a year and a half and am still continue to see results. She also doesn’t recommend working out twice a day so again get your facts straight. You seem rather bitter. Maybe you’re not receiving recognition like she has, but she is a creative genius and that’s how you get recognized. Jealous perhaps?

    • Hello Andrea. I am very happy for you in your success. No, I am not jealous, and I do have my facts straight. I am not bitter, except for when I see someone calling themselves an expert while demonstarting terrible form and making outlandish claims. I’m allowed to have my opinion as are you, the difference being that my eyes are different then yours since I’m a trainer, and your not. By all means continue on your path, I wish you all the best.

  5. I am a very active male athlete. I do some Tracy inspired workouts, mainly as warm ups for my strength training. I have seen great results in my stamina and athletic performance. I even installed ceiling hooks in my basement to do suspended leg lifts with resistance tubes and 10 pound ankle weights. It is a great conditioning workout, I compare it to swimming without water, and has really helped increase my strength. It is one of the most challenging workouts I have done and requies an advanced amount of cordination. The tubes serve as an excellent warm up for all of the body weight compound movements that I do. Also, my abs are great since beginning the muscular structure work. The skin all over my body is tight to the muscle, as Tracy promises.

    Now, personally, I think dance cardio is for women. Men react best to short intense cardio workouts that burn fat and increase EPOC, which is why sprints are the only cardio I do. And only 4 times a week tops.

    So, all in all, Tracy has a good system, especially for men looking to increase functional strength, flexibility, and stamina for more intense workouts. But the whole 3 pound/1 pound ankle weight thing and dancing for sixty minutes isnt my thing.

  6. If you did any actual research to back up your rant, you would know the babyfood diet has nothing to do with actual babyfood. It is all about processing certain foods. As for her exercise routine…you could always log onto her Facebook site for proof it works for many many women all over the world. I am 41yrs old and Tracys method has given me the sexiest tightest body I have ever had. I am a 100% believer. Enjoy your weights if you like that look, but give me a long lean sexy definition from using my own bodies resistance any day. x just sayin’

    • Kim, I have done my research. If you stuck with any program such as TRX, or Crossfit, for any length of time you would see even greater results. Sorry, but I’ve seen what she does and no matter how many people like it, or say they get results from it, I’ll never say it’s a good system- just sayin’

  7. Hi Alfonso, as a woman who is not a rich celebrity, I really love Tracy’s Method. I am not like Kristie Alley or Carnie Wilson, and would not want to do their workouts at all. I would say i fall in the same category as some of Tracy’s clients, a mother (of 2) who has always been in pretty good shape. Over the years , my “trouble spots” were not getting better with traditional exercising programs. Tracy’s method has really made a difference for me. I do not follow her diet plan but do use some of her recipes. I have not done the “baby food”, it is really for big events or photo shoots. I have NO IDEA what the science behind having a tight knit muscle group is either, but I do know that my butt looks great and my thighs are lean and not “quadzila” looking! I dont know the science behind my cell phone either, but I use it everyday and it works!! And yes, even though I don’t work my arms with weights and my muscles are not big and bulging out, I can still do all the things I need to do, like lift my children and surf. Everybody is selling something, she has her customers, you have yours and even Jillian M has people that get results with her stuff. Like most things in life, fitness is not one size fits all.

    • Jaime, thank you for posting the most intelligent comment about my article. I think it’s great that you have a system that works for you, although I still worry about your bone density. Science proves bodyweight activity is not enough to create a stimulus that warrants more dense bones. In my opinion, you still need the iron.

      • you really have to double check your sources sorry. It is science proven that even walking is very good for your bone density and running too of course. As long as there is an impact on the floor. Which is definitely the case in TA method (in case this you didn’t understood neither… with your weird perceptions and huuuuuge ego). You are the only one not to realize you are bitter. I wouldn’t be surprised if you feel the same for many other things. The only service you could give to the society is to change your stubborness. Please make sure you check in dictionnary what this word really means as i’m convinced you must have your very own particular way of understanding it too.
        Good luck for everything…
        PS/ I was a sport addict before TA. Now I have a sexy body. She is definitely a genius, just accept it.

        • Jennifer, my sources are TRACY’s WEBSITE! My source is HER MOUTH! And Im sorry but I find it both hysterical and inronic that YOU tell me to check the meaning of the word stubborness, and mispell the word DICTIONARY! Accept that Tracy is a genius, sure at marketing garbage. I’ll definitey concede that. And guess what? It’s you that need to check your facts. Walking is good for bone density? Says who? And where is the “impact” in the TA Method?

          Good luck with everything…

  8. yes, the TA method is mainly for women who want a tiny dancer body. i know that not everyone aims for that, but the truth of the matter is that most women these days DO want that body. Tracy came up with this method as a HEALTHY approach to that. she does not agree with starvation. If you look at her menu, you can see it is plenty of nutrition. Tracy also says, that people can get ridiculously HUGE, so why cant we do the opposite? not everyone considers YOUR over the top muscles attractive. i certainly dont. so maybe you wanna do a little more research before opening your mouth about something you are not well educated in! =)

    • Hey Jen, have YOU added up the calories on her menu? Ity IS starvation for most people and not nearly enough. And no, Tracy CANNOT give anyone a tiny dancer like body. I wish you continued success with her Method.

    • You know the Tracy Followers are a fiery bunch! I like that! I love passion in Fitness, even if I believe you are misguided, it’s still refreshing to see people excited about what they believe in. But more personal attacks huh? ‘Over the Top Muscles?” Hardly. You don’t find me attractive? Guess what? I don’t care. At the end of the day, my job, my life, my PASSION allows me to look at fitness and see things very differently then you Jen. I’m sorry that TA has backed herself into a corner with things she has stated, claims she’s made, and promotion of poor exercise form. As always Jen, to you and everyone else, I wish you only the best in your quest for fitness. Even with your rude comments. :)

  9. is it necessary to be so mean? “By the way, how’s the baby food diet going?” i doubt any of the TA followers have followed that so-called baby food diet. read her book and you’ll notice she recommends crunchy, delicious, real food. and i have to agree with Katie and Louise. i’ve been doing all kinds of fitness methods for years, step, aerobic, zumba, pilates, etc. nothing has given me the results TA promises and delivers. i stick to it because it works and its’ fun. just give it a honest try before launching the critiques.

    • Liliane, I am examining the TA Method based on body mechanics, philosophy, and HER statements about what she promises. Nothing more, nothing less. If it’s fun for you, and you think it gives you everything you need in a fitness routine, then by all means continue. It is my opinion, and I would not refer someone to try it.

  10. Umm, Alfonso?

    I have been a personal trainer for 17 years. In that time I have learned not to bash any method, ever. Your article and comment would carry so much more weight, lets say, if you comitted to Tracy Anderson’s or Jullian Michaels programs for, lets say, three months and then did a review. By showing less than three minutes of a method and not understanding the full system behind it, like you seem to think you do, shows a lack of tact if not intelligence. Just couldn’t let it slide. Even after 17 years I do not consider myself an expert, I am always learning, every day my clients teach me something new about movement.

  11. I agree Shanti, as I am always learning myself. Sorry, but Jillian’s training it hideous, the form, body mechanics, cursing at trainees etc. If you think that is ok, well then you and I are of a different breed. As for Tracy, I’ll say the same. I watched hours of her METHOD, interviews, as well as read articles on her, including quotes from her very own site. Again, from one personal trainer to another, if you think what either of these ladies sells is “good practice”, then I have issue with you as well. Learning about movement is great, as long as it’s productive, correct, and functional. In my opinion, these two “trainers” don’t offer any of that.

  12. alfonso, im curious as to what YOU believe is the right way to a great body. based on the look of your ginormous muscles, i assume you must be on steroids because that is just not normal. i have never met anyone that big that did it naturally. but BY ALL MEANS, continue if that is what you feel works.

    and as far as TA’s menu, it IS enough nutrition. she says if its not enough for you to feel satisfied, then up your portions.

    • Jen, you would be sadly disappointed if you met me in person. I am no where near “ginormous” at 5’10, and 205 lbs. But thank you for the unintended compliment ;) I’m not normal looking, really, where do you live, in a cave? You’ve never seen someone as fit as I am naturally? In the world of fitness as a lifestyle, there are a lot of people that are bigger, and more fit than I am without the use of any drugs. What’s sad Jen, is that you need to attack how I look because of silly, unfounded, unsubstantiated claims made by your fitness queen. That’s cool, I wish you continued success in all of your fitness endeavors.

  13. Re post #18, Alfonso, you seem to have done 95% of your homework before posting this. The only thing you’re missing is actually doing the workout and you mentioned you have no idea what Tracy is talking about in terms of accessory muscles. When I first read that I didn’t know what it meant either but doing the movements helped me understand. Not asking you to work it into your regimen, just that you TRY it one time.

  14. Alfonso isn’t being “rude.” He is asking people to elaborate on what Tracy actually is talking about. Part of the reason why she gets so nervous on all the shows she goes on is because there is no such thing as accessory muscles. In theh end, any training program that makes you do hundreds upon hundreds of reps will give you results.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of Tracy and, as a guy, I use standing arms, and several lifts as warm ups for my workout. I know that Tracy is right when she says that inactivity of the hip flexors prevents guys from getting the real abs they are after, but the science behind the ‘accessory muscles’ is bull

  15. One other thing: You ask what the “accessory muscles are” alfonso. In your own post when reviewing the TRX, you write:

    This creates the need for you to provide complete control, and really emphasizes core strength, as well as the intrinsic muscle groups that often get overlooked in many people’s exercise programs.

    This is pretty much the same thing as Tracy’s translation of ‘accessory muscles.’ Watch the link I gave you and you will see what I mean.

  16. John, I never asked what accessory muscles are. They are called stabilizers, intrinsic, accessory, supporting, whatever. What I questioned was her jibberish statement of “tight knit…..pulling larger muscles…..blah blah blah.” That is pure BS, with zero foundation in any anatomy or physiology class. TA Method is ZERO percent like TRX, not even remotely close in difficulty, or in productivity towards fitness health. Take a class and let me know.

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  18. Wow, I’ve gotta say I definitely LOL’d to a lot of these comments. People get so angry when you insult their favourite pseudo-trainer!
    Like Alfonso said, the Tracy Anderson method is literally about dancing around for hours and doing things over and over (and over and over…) and eating very little. Of course this will help you lose weight! Go for it if you really love it! But I doubt it’s maintainable unless you have a lot of time on your hands, and more importantly it’s just not healthy.

    Probably my biggest problem with her is that she pushes “tiny” which really reinforces the golden ideal of the weak woman. That women wouldn’t want (or worse, shouldn’t want) to ruin their “feminine shape” with muscles that you can see. Ew, muscles? Muscles are for men only, ladies! If you have them you are automatically a man, no questions asked.

    Ummm, no. You need muscles! That’s why they are on your body! No personal trainer with any credibility whatsoever would ever make the absurd statement that “no woman should lift more than three pounds” (maybe this is why her diet plan is so limited – you can only eat what you can carry out of the grocery store under 3lbs). It also reinforces the myth that doing any weight training at all will bulk a woman up overnight, which I HATE. That won’t happen! It can’t happen! Women don’t have the testosterone to build anywhere near as much muscle as quickly as men (and judging from the skinny guys in the weight room at pretty much any gym, this is not easy for them either). This sort of thinking is why I can’t get my grandmother to work out with weights that will help her build muscle and prevent things like arthritis or osteoporosis. She was raised in an era where women didn’t exercise because they didn’t want to sweat or they didn’t want to grow man muscles.

    Tracy Anderson is just a naturally skinny girl who has no strength, functional or otherwise. I’m only 5 feet tall and barely scratching at 100lbs and I could break this lady like a toothpick. Being a strong woman and having “ginormous” muscles aren’t linked intrinsically. I’ve been doing workouts and modified HIIT workouts for a few months now and I’m getting shocked looks at the gym from guys and girls alike at doing full unassisted pull-ups, deadlifts, military pushups blah blah blah all while looking like a slim strong woman and not a giant gorilla.
    The girls on the treadmills doing endless cardio every day never look any different, because this method and ones like it just aren’t practical unless you are a celebrity with tons of free time and assistants who will carry your luggage and groceries for you.

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  20. As a dancer myself, I find TA’s method useless at best and dangerous at worst. Want to be a dancer? Take real dance classes. Learn real technique, from someone who will correct you. You’ll never get that from a video, and it takes years. And you run a higher-than-necessary risk of injury when you don’t put technique first. This is the first I’ve read of your blog, as someone linked to it in another discussion of TA, but thank you. I find your approach pragmatic, humorous, and refreshing.

  21. Alfonso,

    I recently purchased Tracy Anderson’s 30-Day Method book and DVD and I finished reading the book this week; I’ve also been following her facebook community for a week or two now to try to get a better grasp on her ideology. I’ve also read a lot of the criticism about her and her Method and I wanted to thank you for your input on her exercise and diet plans; it was refreshing to read an article from someone who actually comes from a fitness background, instead of just angry women who don’t necessarily know what they’re talking about or who haven’t done any research at all.

    One of the reasons that I, personally, felt drawn to her 30-Day Method is that I know I have terrible eating and fitness habits (emotional eating, sugar addiction, I’m always tired and have no energy for obvious reasons!) and the testimonial blogs I have read (admittedly, I’ve only read about 2 or 3 full accounts from Day 1 to Day 30 and then follow-up) all seemed to agree that the Method gave them more energy, helped them learn better eating habits and start on the right path to clean eating and healthy fitness, etc. I know that I work better, especially in the beginning stages of making major lifestyle changes like this, within a very structured plan and I was wondering if you have any recommended reading or suggestions in that same vein: well laid out plans to follow for a certain period of time to help instill and reinforce healthy habits. (I did work with a trainer and nutritionist at my gym for a time, about two or three years ago, to come up with an exercise and nutrition plan but I fell off that wagon within a year…)

    I’m still considering trying her Method because I feel motivated by the examples and feedback I see on her facebook community and, ultimately, I know that I need to move in the direction that’s keeping me motivated so that I can maintain the habits I’m creating — but I also know that my goal is to start treating my body in a HEALTHY way, so I don’t want to follow any “system” blindly. I like to learn as much as I can so that I can make well-informed decisions, so we’ll see where this leads me. That said, thank you again for your review, I’m glad I stumbled across it and I’m sorry for the massive novel of a comment!


  22. I have just started seeing a lot about this Tracy Anderson and just watching her ridiculous movements makes me CRACK UP!! I have been in the fitness world for a few years and if you want to get the BEST supplemental workout that really builds lean muscle and uses little to no weight, check out the Tonique Method. I discovered it about a year ago and it is AMAZING. I spend 3 hours a day 4 days a week boxing and was getting way to beefy. This workout really helped me lengthen and elongate almost getting a ballet dancers look!! I wouldn’t take a second look at TA if she paid ME!!! You gotta EAT to lose weight people!!!!!

  23. I’m a personal trainer. After work I get MY workout on. I guess you could say training is my sport. I LOVE IT!!! It makes me happy to be fit and to help other reach their fitness goals. And boxing is just an addiction. I’m sure it will eventually subside. But for now the feeling of the connection between my glove and my opponents stomach is unexplainable. ;) Pure adrenaline.

  24. I stumbled across your website cuz of’s twitter..

    i have to say i completely agree… ive seen some tracy anderson’s videos and i just start laughing, it reminds me of the typical moms of the 60′s at the gym dancing with those funny outfits..
    I think her routines are boring and not completely effective if u wanna see real changes… Im 16 and ive been doing workouts for a year and now THATS effective, i see you tested zuzana and realized how great she is!
    I hate when trainers like tracy say u need to workout for hours to see real changes, when in 15 min u can have an amazing workout!!

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  26. I don’t know much about Tracy Anderson but I am going to have to agree with Isidora on Zuzana( She is beautiful and those muscles of hers are amazing I have been doing her workouts for about 3-4 months now and love seeing my new muscles popping out. Truthfully it would take me YEARs and a ho lotta discipline to have her kind of physique. don’t be scared of muscles and weights!you just don’t get bulky over night. Plus I would hate to do 100 reps of one movement. i love bodyrock’s 300 rep 400 rep workouts but they have different exercises within that workout. It’s fast, It’s challenging and It’s fun :P

  27. Sorry to generalise, but what’s with women always being attracted to fad diets and miraculous “exercise” programs that have no grounds in reality? It’s like moths to a bright light.

    I’ve been reading Alfonso’s blog for a few months now, and he knows what he’s on about. I was prompted to go and search his site for info about this Tracy Anderson woman because some of the girls here at work have been duped by her marketing.

    If you think women shouldn’t be doing weights or even resistance training, like the others above have said, have a look at and tell me Zuzana’s not fit and good looking. That’s all done in under 40mins including warmup/cool-down and stretching time. I don’t do her workouts personally, but I do plan on starting later in the year as (Australian) summer draws near.

    By the way, Alfonso, comments #28 & #29 are spam, you should delete them and be wary of any that refer to random websites.

  28. I’m a bodyrocker and stumbled onto this sight through the website. The TA method is simply goofy at best. And I’m so glad you posted this. Yes, her dance cardio will help you burn some calories, but running will burn even more. And the rest of her workouts are jokes. There is no muscle conditioning at all. It’s like lifting a can of soup everyday and expecting to get results. Plus, isn’t a trainer supposed to teach you how to stay fit for the rest of your life? She just repeats the same things over and over. You don’t learn anything. Zuzana teaches you how to exercise. She teaches you to be creative and use full body movements. TA wants you to workout for two hours a day. Zuzana has posted workouts that are 12 min. long, and even a 4 min. long one and I’ve gotten far greater results with those. Zuzana teaches you how to get the most out of every work out. Hopefully more people will start seeing through TA and focus on substantial trainers like Zuzana and Freddy. Awesome website Alfonso!

    • Have you actually tried her workouts? Her workouts are half muscle structure and half cardio you would know this if you tried it. And believe me when your done you feel like you have done a lot more than “lift a can of soup”! Her metamorphasis programme is an hour a day not 2 and she has an ongoing continuity programme that rotates every 10 days. She even says you should not repeat moves . If you don’t like her method then fair enough but your comment is based on assumptions about her method with no correct information

      • tracey

        I have tried Tracy’s method for 3 years. It worked at first for initial weight loss but by the end of 3 years I gained weight, was exhausted and flabby. She will tell you to up the cardio and by Year 3 her MS is upped to an hour also. I was not feeling good and even though she “changes” it up, it is still leg lift after leg lift. I switched to Zuzka and Buti and I immediately felt different. Four months later I am toned and see definition. I am loving it. I just got so drawn in by Tracy’s “talk” and scared to try anything else. There is no way I could go back to that and I was such a Tracy devotee.

  29. For years fitness for women came from men trainers in general and then followed by females except for dancers. Dancers have their own system that works out the body and mind and gives women a wonderful body that any other exercise just CAN NOT. because they mostly work on big muscles. Are dancers as strong as body builders NO and YES. Dancers can perform moves based on balance and endurance and body builders can lift heave weights so they are both strong just in different ways. What we all want (most of us) as women is teeny tiny dancers body and we don’t worry about bone density because dancers don’t worry about it .they exercise routine does help the bone density believe men should not be trainers for women unless women want bulky bodies. Tracy’s method is feminine and id does work very well. Thanks Tracy!

  30. I saw an informercial for her program “Metamorphosis” and almost died laughing. I don’t really understand how her method works either. Maybe I should research it more, but I think I will stick with Zuzana and Bodyrock :)

  31. Alfonso, thank you for this review. I stumbled on TA a year ago and was very surprised to see Madonna and other celebs on her clients list. Just a look at Madonna and you know she doesn’t use TA method. I couldn’t understand the rational behind her popularity, because I am 15 years fitness enthusiast, a personal trainer from a year and I know that TA method is not effective for most people who have busy schedule and just 30 minutes to exercise. Only hard exercises can transform your body if you workout 30 minutes. Personally I workout 15-30 minutes every day to maintain my body and 2-3 hours of light movements is not for me. I read somewhere that strong is new sexy :) and I like it. I do push ups, pull ups, squats, interval training, only hard, intense exercises.

  32. I tried it for awhile. I stopped because I just felt it was too long to do it regularly. Also, her moves are so random that it was hard to keep up. I found it very frustrating. Maybe I am just not coordinated enough. I was sore after the workouts which in the past I thought was an indication of a good workout. How much pain I was in the next day was my marker. But for the past few months I have been strength training and doing kettlebell circuit training type workouts (similar to bodyrock and Marianne’s myomytv) with a personal trainer. One of the first things he said to me was along the lines that a lot of trainers can tire you out but that does not mean that it was an effective workout. Soreness is not a bad thing, but it is not a necessary part of a good workout. As far as the TA goes, I guess doing that much exercise a week will produce some results. It is just not for me. I am loving the changes with my new way of working out and tweaking my nutrition. I feel stronger and see some muscle definition. I used to think heavier weight meant big bulky muscles but I am realizing that it would take a HUGE amount of work and purposeful effort to get that way. No fear of ‘quadzilla’ happening over here. Love your blog by the way!

    • Kayla

      Hi Alfonso,

      I am currently researching Tracy Andersons methods and theories to complete my essay for my final exam to become a CFT…and I’ve been procrastinating on your blog now for a good 30 minutes or so…thanks. The essay is on myths…so I think that sums up how I feel about the TA philosophy on being able to alter the shape of muscles, that all women want tiny dancer bodies, and that Tracy is some kind of witch doctor who can transform every woman’s body to look like hers. Her workouts are hilarious and ridiculous and her diet plan is insane!!! It’s funny because a while ago my long, lean friend (who was born with the coveted dancers body and is obsessed with Gweneth Paltrow for some reason) recommended to me that I get her metamorphosis dvds because I was complaining about my current physique. (back story: I was at one time 220 lbs, lost 70 but was a size 10 at 5’5″ and wanted to drop more sizes) Like a fool and because I do everything my best friend says, I ordered the videos post-haste. Getting impatient for them to arrive I also joined a new gym and I started my CFT course in the meantime. I sent the videos back without even opening the package. What I learnt from my own experience and my course taught me that TA was full of it. At the gym I started lifting heavy. And I tweaked my nutrition to include more protein, healthy fats and 6 meals a day. What’s happened to my body since? I’m now a size 4. I’m in love with my muscles. I’ve boosted my metabolism. I feel healthier, stronger, sexier than I have ever, and I am smaller than I have ever been. Thank you kettle bells and tire flips, deadlifts and squats. My best friend is begging me to train her now that I’ve figured out what I am doing and she’s seen my results.

      I totally agree that if you UNDERSTAND fitness, you take one look at Tracy’s method and see right through it. Weights do not make girls look bulky. I’m leaner than I have ever been. And my body type? It’s always been more muscular, even when I was at my biggest. Yeah, when I flex I have super sweet muscles and I am proud of them. But when I am not flexing I look toned and lean. I get comments on my arms ALL the time, strangers approach me and say “wow, youre arms are so toned” which is funny because if I flexed these same people would run away in terror.

      I completely agree that being sore after a workout doesn’t mean its an effective workout at all. If you don’t challenge your body through overload it will not change. You cannot transform the shape of muscles you can only make them bigger or smaller.

      Here’s some hilarious direct quotes from Tracy herself on the GOOP site.

      “I am NOT a fan of kettle bells. Without a truly keen mind/body connection and ability to control swinging weights, you can easily injure yourself: The way that the momentum forces the muscles is a very difficult process to master. And overuse, which comes from constantly swinging in the same rotation, can lead to lasting damage. Kettle balls are also unnecessary, since you can easily get the benefits of incorporating weight and motion in a way that doesn’t add bulk or put your body at risk of injury.

      I have occasionally designed programs for men that incorporate kettle bells, but I would never recommend them to women, even for women who are fans of bulkier muscle lines. While bulkier muscle looks OK on women in their 20s and 30s, it doesn’t age well. The sooner you build a long, lean, and feminine arm, the more sustainable the results will be—and with no sacrifice in strength.”

      And another favorite:
      “While running and cycling may burn calories, they do not design feminine muscles or get rid of an imbalance that may masquerade as a “problem area”—even on women who are genetically thin…”

      And here is an interesting testimonial from someone who achieved the TA body through her 30-day method:
      Having completed the 30-Day Method I am currently on the 90-day plan. The results?

      “Well, I’m no Gwynnie but since January I have lost a stone in weight and dropped from dress size 12 to 10. I am happier with my body than I have been for a long time.

      Those are the positives.

      On the downside I feel woozy and find it difficult to concentrate. At first I had loads of energy but now I’m always tired and am told I’m horribly grouchy to boot.

      My skin is terrible and my nails are flaking and weak. And – how can I put this – my system has become, shall we say, somewhat sluggish. Normally I’m as regular as clockwork. Not any more.

      I am encouraged to weigh myself daily and measure my results with the ‘Tracy tape measure’ every ten days.

      At first this made me feel quite uncomfortable but now I’m fanatical about my daily weigh-in and refuse to eat or drink anything until I know my weight first.”

      Read more at ONTD:

      Im 100% with Alfonso and hope he doesn’t try this method and hope no one else buys into this BS.


  33. What most people – especially men – don’t understand is that lifting heavy weights are great for bulking up muscles, but if you want to tone them smaller weights with greater reps work better. Plus, dancing can be a great cardio workout, improves coordination, and is a lot more exciting than running on a treadmill for thirty minutes.

  34. I’m a fan of the Tracy Anderson method, but I agree with you on these points: her wording “accessory muscles”, the overuse of the expression “teeny tiny”, promising that every woman can achieve perfection, and that her diet is too low in calories & hard to keep up. Also, in her DVDs her instructions are not 100% clear, so it takes some time until you understand the movements & can perform them correctly.

    That being said, I’ll happily answer your question: “But what do you think? Have you tried Tracy’s method – and did it work for you?”

    I have tried it. YES it worked for me. And it’s the only form of exercise my lazy ass has ever been able to stick with because I see exactly the results I want, and I know what I want.

    A bit about myself. I’m genetically slim & small-framed, but I have the typical female problem areas thighs & hips. I lifted weights, I followed the David Kirsch workouts…my problem areas became tighter, but never smaller. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look like a fitness model, but I don’t want to look like that. I wanted to look like a leaner version of myself, and I wanted my problem areas smaller & tighter.

    I eat clean 80% of the time, I work out about 45min 6x a week (the often mentioned 2h is for her celebrity clients), I lift 3 pound weights (with her arm work, lifting more would probably cause injuries b/ she moves fast!), I now have exactly the kind of body I always wanted & I’m having fun with her exercises. They change every 10days by the way, which is a great way to keep me interested.

    I may not agree with everything Tracy says, but I (and many other women) have seen amazing results. I’m not saying that her entire method is revolutionary & that every woman needs to train this way, but it’s fun, you can do it at home, and it has worked for a lot of women who didn’t get the body they wanted with weight lifting.

  35. Hey Alfonso, fair enough, everyone has a different approach to exercise. I’ve started ballet when I was 3 did it for 9 years. as you might guess i was of petite size, and extremely fit. As a ballet dancer i delevoped very strong leg muscles – when i hit my rebellious teenage years and thought ballet wasn’t ‘cool’ I stopped and my muscles eventually turned into fat. In fact i’d become a size 10 from my usual size 6 (talking in UK sizes) within 3 years. Well since then i’ve been trying to get into shape. I’ve gone to gym with personal trainers – I’ve done tai chi, tai bo, all sorts of yoga, pillates, spinning, weights, swimming – you name it, I’ve done it! either way, there was a point when I thought i’d almost reached my perfect body which was with a combo of cardio, tai bo (a variation of exercise routines with tai chi and kick boxing) and kundalini yoga. But still i thought my bum was not lifted enough, and my legs weren’t of slim perfect size with lean muscle definition. no matter how hard i worked, i wasn’t getting there. I would either get too muscly on the legs, or have too much muscle on the arms, or if i didn’t work hard enough with weights the fat would remain.

    Well now, I’ve started the tracy method. I have a good diet, I know what my body can or can’t eat – and shouldn’t – so I’m not going to follow the eating plan. I can’t clarify if it works yet as I’m on day 2 of the program – but I can confirm i like the whole routine as I don’t feel im overworking the major muscle groups. This is what Tracy promises right ? No huge muscles, and a very lean body. Frankly i think her body looks perfect! If she only works out through the method she teaches, then I’m hoping for really good results.

    I’m not after big muscles, I think i would look butch with them. I’m after small, lean and defined muscles and I don’t want a trace of fat! I believe that the her method might offer that. I’m topping up my ‘tracy’ workout with kundalini yoga as I feel there’s not enough stretching in her workout. I’m a true believer that a really fit person should be very flexible.

    Either way – everyone has a different approach, and each person wants a different body. If you want big pumped up musles obviously the tracy method isn’t for you. Will keep you posted on how this goes for me.

    • Andria

      Your post is humorous on so many levels….
      1. You are comparing your slim body from the ages of 3-12 yrs of age to one after puberty and blaming the fact that you developed muscle for making you fat.
      2. You said your muscle turned to fat
      3. You are negative on all forms of exercise but positive on the TA method but have only been doing it for 2 days

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  37. After reading all this… And I did it because I myself wanted to be really sure of what TA is doing and is it the best of what I want. I’ve done a little of Zuzanna too in bodyrocks. So when you put them standing together – which body you like better? I personnaly choose Tracy. Looking at Zuzanna’s ABS – it makes me feel a little sick. Actually I’ve always liked strenght, but sorry, it’s totally not feminine. Tracy’s body is more feminine.

    But actually it’s also or even most about movements. When Zuzanna is jumping she looks like a bear or something like it’s big and lumzy. When Tracy is jumping or moving it is really like a dance. I find it more beautiful. And YES, the dance – it’s also connection between mind and body, I would even say, between feelings and material world. So I guess if you’re more senseble and enjoy the beautifullness of movements, then you just CAN’T follow Zuzanna, also I like the ideas that she’s up to. This connection is also important for mental health and harmony as everything in body and mind is connected (I don’t say that Zuzanna doesn’t have a connection, but it’s too rough for me).

    So in conclusion… For me, only as a beginner in being a fitness trainer (but doing on my own different kinds of fitness and sports for years), the only questions are about health making this kind of training and the differences between alternatives of it.

    I’ve now doing TA and I’m an experiment for myself. I’ve done push-ups and all the classic things, but when I stopped – my arms and legs went all to fat, because I’ve always had strong arms. I would like to see how it is with TA as she says fat never creates after her method (ofcourse I’m talking about normal eating).

  38. Dear Alfonso,

    I love your post and feel that they are very much to the point most of the time but this one really isn’t.

    I love Tracy Andersons Method because it helps me change my trouble areas (I wouldn’t wanna change my genes since I have a beautiful hourglas shape): my inner thighs. I have worked out hard before but my thighs never really shrunk. I did her programm for two weeks and I lost two inches off my thighs!

    I would never do her diet because for me it is too low in calories and why eat less when I actually lose weight easier when eating more?!

    I think in fitness like with nutrition to it’s you are what you do.

    So I don’t think she says that other fitness regiems are wrong but in order to achieve a very lean body with rather long sleek muscles you can’t be pumpin’ iron.

  39. Alfonso,
    I think it is great you have a method you feel is best for you and likely those who follow you probably feel the same. I think it is important when choosing a workout method, you choose one that is inspiring, motivating, and gives you the results you want. I, like several of the others responding, finally found a workout routine that I look forward to doing, feel stronger after doing it, and actually see results I was hoping for. Could you get this with any workout? Probably. So why not be accepting for those who have found a method they really enjoy although it’s not yours. I bet if I did a month long workout with you, I’d see great results as well. However, with the borderline hatred towards another trainers success would steer me the other way. I have been doing the TA method sans TA diet for well over 2 years. I never get bored with it, am always eager for her next set of video’s, and encourage several of my other friends to join along. Rather than commenting on every post (to an article you asked for comments on), why not appreciate the fact you and Tracy are in a business where you should celebrate each others successes. The success of keeping people in shape and leading them to healthier lifestyles.


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  41. I was in ballet, tap, and jazz from the time I was 3 yo until after college, and I did NOT have that long, lean dancer’s body. Don’t let anyone tell you they can make you look a certain way. If you got a dancer body from her method, it was your genes, not a workout. And anyone who says women need to work “lots of reps with light weights” should be ignored.There have been many articles and reports debunking that myth. I’ll take a short, “heavy” strength training routine any day. I love your site alfonso!

  42. If it’s sole shrinkage you want then go ahead and exhaust your body with endless reps and acrobacy that’s called Metamorphosis. I’ve done Tracy’s Meta for almost a year and my “amazing results” are loss of my curves ie. a substantially flattened butt, boxier torso, bulging lower stomach aka donut tummy, loss of upper body strength, flabbier triceps and chest accompanied with lower back and knee pain… After switching to another workout program that’s actually less time consuming, more gentle on the muscles and joints was i actually able to see real results in no time; a toned, sculpted, lean body and no more back and knee pain. In my personal experience, Tracy Anderson Method is a loss of time and an open invitation to serious injury.

  43. I’m truly enjoying the design and layout of your blog. It’s a very
    easy on the eyes which makes it much more enjoyable for me to come here and visit more often.
    Did you hire out a designer to create your theme?
    Outstanding work!

  44. Hi, as a marathon runner, cyclist and overall exercise enthusiast that does every type of workout from crossfit, to trx to barre method, pilates and hot yoga among others.. I have to say that i love tracy anderson method. now i do not solely do her method but add it as a compliment to my routine and i have found that i am tighter and more toned in all the areas that needed work. Lower abs, under my butt, lats and triceps. After having two babies my body just did not go back to its original form and i struggled. I am not a trainer but i have taken some kinisiology classes and have worked at a gym for many years and besides the three pound weights, I like what she is doing and i believe that it is sound as far as working smaller muscle groups and exhausting larger ones in order for them to not over power the smaller ones and give them a chance to develop. Im not saying that her method is the only method that can give results, but her method does give results and does not lead to injury as other methods can (insanity and p90x) which by the way i have tried and do believe that they offer results too but can be too hard on the body. I think what she is doing is great, its fun (i like her cardio) it works body and mind,is good for overall coordination and using the body in ways that one normally would not which is good for working different areas of the body and the abs and legs are crazy effective and although i use slightly larger weights than recommended my arms are stronger. I think you are being a bit hard on her. and by the way the pureed food and juices are only for beginning stages to help the person burn fat faster until you get better at the workout routine to burn enough fat and calories to sustain a regular diet. Its a jumpstart approach to fat burning is all not long term. she said that she eats what she wants now that she is at her desired weight and her body is effective enough at utilizing calories and burning fat.

  45. Wow, there are a bunch of people out there that support Tracy….. i dont understand it when nothing she does is backed by science!!! Gwyneth has osteopenia (a precursor to the bone-thinning disease osteoporosis)….. its been speculated its due to her extreme dieting and the exercise regimen that Tracy has her on that uses very light weight and bands….. and everyone knows lifting (more than 3lbs which is actually what Tracy has her clients work with, hell my purse weights more than that ) helps keeps your bones young by fighting off this disease!!! Lifting heavy DOES NOT make you big & bulky, and sorry but Gwyneth just has good genes and only people with those same good genes are going to benefit from Tracy’s workouts….. but they really aren’t benefiting because they are just making themselves and their bones VERY weak by following her program!!! But hey everyone can do what they want to, as for me i will do my research that is backed my science and stick with that (so i can enjoy my workouts and eat real food)!!!Sorry but i despise Tracy Anderson!!!

  46. I totally agree with Alfonso, being an grouptraining instructor I try to try out all kinds of workouts and this method did absolutely nothing but put strain on my hig flexors. Thats it!! Nothing else! You do not need to workout for one or two hours every day to get results!! Plus you need to mix up your training both weight and cardio! A is right of course you get results, youre starving yourself! Diet is 80% of your results regardless what you do!! This method is bullshit! Do not buy the hype!

  47. Hi Alfonso

    thank you for the interesting review. I have been training for a 10k. beside the running I used to exercise also specific muscels to help me run faster and longer. unfortunately, I got injured during my exercises, and how the doctor told me this will last a few weeks. guess it’s called shin split or so. from too fast and strong training the bigger muscels grow faster than the muscels around it. Now I cannot run or jump without having enormous pain. Anyway, the tracy anderson mat workout ist the only workout I can do without pain. So this workout is absolutely not dangerous or unhealthy. I started 4 days ago, doing it daily and i must admit that I already achived some good results. but her cardio workout might be problematic if you are sport-newby. i also don’t recommend her dieting plan. althought it has a lot of fruits and vegetables in it, the portions are too small. to loose weight we have to eat enough and exercise. i recommend cereals and wholegrain products with fruits in the morning. a mixed salad with some lean chickenbreast or tuna pr some light cheese for lunch. for dinner mostly proteines, like lean red meat or chicken/turkey or salmon/ tuna with a light salad. this will help to recover the muscels and also burning fat. so my nutrition plan is fine. but the injury. did you ever heard of people with shin split? is there a way to speed up the healing process? in my language it’s also called boneskininfection.
    thanks a lot

  48. I have to say – we’re all entitled to our own opinions. I am NOT a fitness trainer, you are. However, believe it or not – as a dental hygienist (of all things) we are sedentary, sitting all day. I’m currently on maternity leave with my second child, and have been not chubby, but definitely un-fit all my life. I’ve been doing the Tracy Anderson Method for about 2 months now. Let me tell you, this girl rocks! She knows the female form! I’ve dedicated myself to running 45min daily, the Julian Michaels DVD’s, etc.. . commited and dedicated, with success. However, please note: I’ve personally lost weight yes, this is the goal. But I’ve been thin and flabby. With the TA video’s, I’ve finally managed to become firm! (Note: I don’t follow her food guide, or anyone’s food guide. I eat very healthy with exception of a couple cheat days a week, but couldn’t be bothered with someone else’s grocery list, blah). So, I have had amazing results from TA, and will follow her stuff from now on, before anyone else! Living in Canada, with a low fitness budget, it’s great to have the videos to do at home, and feel great about it! I freakin LOVE her stuff! amazing! I”M OBSESSED!

  49. I did the dvd’s for a few yrs only recently stopped. In the first 3 months I followed the food plan got amazing results quick but was very little food. Doesn’t seem to work for me with eating.

  50. clbb

    I happened to come across this website looking for advice and information about weight training. Then I saw this article. I too have looked and researched what the Tracy Anderson method was all about. Mind you this was already after 3 months of starting a new weight training exercise. So when I saw that it was recommended for you to only lift 3lbs I thought this was ludicrous. Ladies, your workouts could be way less time consuming and you will experience less fatigue from higher weights lower reps and I feel badly for the man who wrote this article for trying to wipe away the magic dust that Tracy is using to make her workouts sound like it was engineered by a genius.

    1: too many reps, not optimal form = havoc on your joints and tendons. Actual weight training can strengthen those and even out some muscle imbalances over time.
    2: heavier weights do not make you bulky! In fact resistance training does help increase your bone density ( will help prevent osteoporosis). When men weightlift they will usually do heavy weights multiple reps to build muscle but they do that on purpose!
    3. The starvation diet (basically) that she recommends will help you to be….. Malnourished. The diet works only because any diet is better than not being conscious of what you insert in your mouth. And you seem to loose a lot of weight quickly when you first start because of the absence of bloating from not eating carbs or salt.

    Whatever gets you from point a to point b is what works. If her methods do and it makes you happy that’s all that matters to an individual. I’m just saying instead of taking the long winding path you could just take the highway and get there sooner.

    Quick info. I’m 4’9 93lbs. 7 mos .into training. 1 hour doing the mad cow method 15min stretching. 15min cardio
    Deadlift 220lbs x5
    Squat 210lbs x5
    Bench 100lbs x5
    That’s more than 3 lbs but somehow I’m still not massive like a hulk and people ask if I dance because I look toned and not bulky.

  51. Mjx

    On the one hand, I do agree that Anderson seems to have no idea of how human bodies work, and her extremely time-consuming workouts and restrictive dietary suggestions are only practicable for people who have a lot of available time in which to do this, and don’t need to personally carry out make what most people consider everyday activities (e.g. buying and preparing food, getting to work and actually working, raising children).
    On the other hand, I have had very good results with the few shorter Anderson routines I’ve tried (e.g. beginner arms), and I appreciate the fact that her many of her exercises require no equipment (eliminating any excuse for slacking off because I’m travelling).
    However, the technique of doing many, many, repetitions with minimal weight just happens to be the most effective one for ME (in terms of building endurance-type strength and some definition), and rapid building is a genetic trait that runs in my family; I don’t know how truly effective this is for everyone.
    I’d also like to point out that unless particular attention is paid during the stadning arm routines, you will quickly start building and shortening the trapezius (particularly upper fibres), which makes for a somewhat thickened, shortened, tight neck. You can see that Anderson’s own neck is a bit short-looking. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I’m fairly certain that those pursuing litheness are likely to be unhappy about it.

    Before anyone takes umbrage at my dismissing Anderson’s knowledge of the human body, I may as well mention that this conclusion is based on an assessment of the many inaccuracies in her statements. Human anatomy and physiology are areas in which I have a fair amount of knowledge, beginning with an interest sparked by studying ballet for 11 years (despite which I’ve only had an elfin ‘dancer’s body’ when I achieved an alarming level of emaciation, thanks to a combination of every eating disorder I knew of; don’t go there, as not only is it obviously unhealthy, it makes you look old), followed by training as an LMT, then graduating with a degree in biology (focus on human anaomy and physiology). I still do research in these fields.

  52. Suze

    I have some comments after doing her method for 6 months. I was mesmerized by the techno music in her workouts that I first saw on youtube clips, and the unusual arm movements, and all the negative comments I read. I just had to try the workout – her promises of reshaping the body had to be disproved! I had already lost over 30 lbs. on a paleo diet doing old 80s workout tapes, yoga and ballet. When I switched to only Tracy Anderson I lost 17 more lbs and became thinner, but I forced myself to analyze the situation. I lost most of the weight without her method. And when I worked out with heavier weights in 2009 I had much better arms and abs. The kicker for me is that I finally realized: she can promise you “your best self” but if that happens to still have some cellulite and lumps she has the disclaimer that you didn’t follow the 3 pronged program exactly (her diet, her cardio, and her mat workout). I have read forums and blogs non stop for months. I can safely estimate that only about one out of a hundred women follow her whole program. And in all the before and after pictures I have found, only about 5 out of 30 were really “perfected” bodies. Most of her fans are happy to lose ten lbs. I have lost nearly 50 (17 with her program) and am still covered with cellulite no doubt because I didn’t eat the repellant parsnip pudding et al that she prescribes, and cannot do more than 5 min. of cardio at a time due to osteoarthritis in the knees. Yet I still had good results and in clothes I could easily brag that I lost such and such. But: is it because of her? Or because of my innate understanding of what my body needs? She may have thousands of moves that she invented. But Jack LaLanne in 1957 showed the basics on his tv show for housewives (leg lifts, bicycling, using the “glamour stretcher” band for resistance which even Tracy uses in her later workouts. Everything good that she might teach is either the same as Jack LaLanne, Jane Fonda, Callanetics, or Pilates; or a variation that she made up, combined with standard ballet movements.

    But there’s something about her that commands loyalty and faith if you somehow get into her program – and I am still doing her workouts, even though I see clearly the results of doing her workout. Look at her trainers (they appear in some of the youtube clips). They have donut abs – no waists – flabby inner thighs – and scrawny arms that nevertheless all have the same tiny shoulder development. I mean, surely there could be a more attractive result, a better V shape. I had that myself 5 years ago lifting 5, 8 and 10 lbs. weights and I didn’t get it from her 3 lb. weights! Her dvds are hypnotic. The techno music compels you to do the reps. I still do her workouts – I spent enough on them – but I swear I would have done just as well doing any youtube Jack LaLanne workouts, or 20 Minute Workouts, for one hour per day. It’s time to say that she is cute, she has a knowledge of marketing, but the emperor has no clothes! There are endless workouts available for women and I’ve tried some of them from the library and rejected them for the trainer’s grating voice, boring movements or endless stepping or other useless moves. Tracy had an interesting bunch of movements. I got into them. Then I noticed when I had results, it was because these are classical movements like in ballet. She simply presents them in a better way than most of the other female trainers.

  53. Viktoria

    Are these people being paid to leave comments and promote the TA method?! Wth? I’ve never heard such misinformed crap in my life. What Tracey Anderson needs to go do is die and stop telling women bullshit and unproven methods. I’m 5’3 and 110lbs, squat 135 and bench 95, and looking only to increase. And I bet I look better in a bikini than all of you. So all of you can keep doing that TA method if you want, meanwhile I’ll be getting results.

  54. Stephanie

    Hi Alfonso,
    I ran across your website and I wasn’t sure if it was far too late to post but I see some comments from folks stating that there is nothing wrong with Tracy’s method. As an individual who has done the TAM for a little while, (I am on month 6) I do have a few things to say about her workouts that I think people should really be aware of. However, first let me say that the TAM did get me back into working out regularly and, though I didn’t have much to lose in the first place, I trimmed down a tad. That said, my first issue with Tracy’s advice is her statement regarding cardio. She insists that cardio must be done 6 days a week using ONLY her Dance Cardio. However, the dance cardio 6 days a week HURTS after a while. Though I love the DC, the jumping for 30 minutes a day takes its toll. To put this into perspective, I have been a runner since I was 15 years old and I am now 26. I primarily run long distances and I never really had issues with shin splints, joint pain, etc. Well, this past year, I was really adamant about staying on track with her workouts but, one day, I just couldn’t because my BONES in my feet, ankles, and a bit of my lower legs hurt. Not muscle pain but BONE PAIN! That was something that I’ve never experienced before and I know I am a little young to be feeling anything like that. Thankfully, the pain was not due to anything as serious as osteopenia but it did take a few weeks to finally subside. Considering that I am talking about bones, I did want to note that individuals doing her method need to be careful with their wrists, elbows, and knees during her “muscular structural” work. Not only are you on your hands and knees quite a bit but my problem, now that I am doing her Continuity program, is that her arm segment is super fast. Fast movements without control can really throw your joints, in my case, the elbow. I just wish Tracy would emphasize DURING the workout to be careful to not injure yourself. I feel that when she talks about doing the correct “form” it is only to get the “best results” but I think she should also focus on injury prevention..that’s just me. Unlike other programs, she really never says anything along those lines except in random interviews but not in the program itself, which is when the advice should take place. (I hope that makes sense) My friend, who also did the TAM, ended up with some awful tendonitis on her elbow (ouch!)

    The last and final issue that I have with the TAM is that the leg workouts, overall, are pretty pitiful. One of the main focuses is making your thighs smaller but not necessarily stronger. Calves are not even a consideration, which is ludicrous. The one thing I do like about the leg segment is that it lifted my bum a little but now I have some scrawny legs. Truth be told, my legs have seen their better days while I ran and, no, I was not at all bulky. I really hate how she emphasizes to not do other workouts because of the concept that a woman might bulk up as a result. Chances are, no, a woman will not blow up to be huge because she decided to run or cycle instead of doing her dance cardio.

    In the end, yes, I am still doing her workouts but I do them because I like what she’s done for my abs, bum, and trimming down some areas I don’t really like. I also like that the workouts change every ten days because it gives me a little something to look forward to. The difference now is that I am doing her workouts in conjunction with running, lifting weights, swimming, etc. In other words, no, I do not do the TAM 6 days a week. I am also much more careful during her workouts to prevent injury. If my body begins to feel a little odd, I stop. Then, the reasons for me lifting weights again is that my legs look pitiful and I want to boost my upper body strength. Am I saying my way is the only way to go? Absolutely not. I am only saying that my workout goals are different than those proposed on her program, which is long, thin “feminine” body. However, TAM followers should beware of potential injuries that could be induced by these workouts and I am saying that as an individual who has done these workouts for a little while. Whatever your workout goals may be, best wishes! :)

  55. Monika

    I would like to share my opinion about general exercises. All my life I do weight training, swim laps, jogging, many kind of work out DVD such as Jillian m , Karen voight, Jackie Warner, yoga and last is Tracy Anderson meth : abscentric . My best result is my own weight lifting. More weight and cardio a lot. I can see myself in great shape and lost weight. What best work for me with them. I would choose Jillian michaels and Jackie Warner. Tracy Anderson helped my arms definition , why? Because I kneeled lot of time me arms stood on the floor most of time. They became firm strong. I just don’t like is stay ln floor everyday. Annoying! And limit to 3lbs. Not working for me.
    I decided to follow Tracy for a month with 3 lbs only. Then I tried 5 lbs with other trainer. Oh owwwww sore body! What does that mean??? Missed large muscles because of Tracy. She doesn’t do all muscle work. Unfortunately! I stick to my habit with general weight training. I love ms fitness RX women magazine. Way to go! Bodybuilding is great!

  56. jen

    First visit to your blog today and after seeing how you respond to your readers, it will be my last. Hope rudeness works out for you.

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